Its immaculate white façade majestically overlooking the limpid blue waters of the Mediterranean, the villa is the archetypal symbol of a certain Art de Vivre and relaxed lifestyle, characteristic of southern Europe. But, in days gone by it occupied quite another function….

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As the administrative nerve-centre of the agricultural estates in Gallo-Roman times, the villa rustica played an essential role in the organisation of village life. Around it, a whole host of artisans and merchants bustled about their business of providing the inhabitants with their day to day needs. And wine formed an important part of this activity. In the beginning, the Gauls would barter minerals, slaves or foodstuffs in exchange for litres of grand crus, before turning their hands to cultivating their own vines around the Mediterranean basin. Under these hot skies where the sun shines almost daily, vines have been growing generously ever since.

In the heart of what is the biggest vineyard in the world, the Languedoc Roussillon, Calmel & Joseph perpetuate this heritage in the continuity of the ancient skills of their ancestors. Villa Blanche, an inspired and inspiring signature creation, is at the confluence of tradition and modern technology.

Traverse these fabulous landscapes and vast expanses of neatly laid out vines and approach the Villa Blanche slowly, calmly, taking time to appreciate the exterior: its distinctive façade, its manicured gardens and lofty maritime pines, its terrace shaded by climbing flowers. Then, venture inside and discover the many rooms and perspectives that exist within it. From the palest of green Chardonnay, through Pinot Noir to brilliant pink Grenache, a multitude of aromas and colours reveal their harmony within a coherent ensemble. It’s a delight to wander through this authentic villa that has solid foundations but which is nothing less than modern in its expression.

Villa Blanche develops a sensorial and emotional universe that is both powerful and original. Meticulous blending of the different characteristics that can exist within a single grape variety, freshness, oaky notes or fruit characters, gives wines of varying profiles. The result is a rich and distinctive collection in three colours that can accompany all occasions with simplicity and grace, whether it be a grand family celebration or drinks with friends. For it is truly the Mediterranean lifestyle with its love of good living that is incarnated in this luminous and generous brand. Expertise, Enchantment and Elegance are the three pillars on which it is constructed.

Accessible and authentic, this easy-going but uncompromising brand with its warm southern accents and consistent quality strikes a veritable chord with its naturalness and sincerity. A little like a trusted old friend who still manages to amaze us. All at once unique and diverse, reassuring and surprising.

The Villa Blanche, full of character and generosity, throws its doors open wide to all those who appreciate the pleasures of wine and the curious of palate who wish, quite simply, to share an enjoyable moment over a good glass of wine.

Luminous and generous, Villa Blanche incarnates the Mediterranean lifestyle with its love of good living.

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