First appellation of the Languedoc appellations, the Montpeyroux vineyards, snuggling in the foothills of the Larzac, are on the final slopes of the Massif Central and the Puy de Dome volcanic chain. Heavy annual rainfall on the Larzac and local summer storms provide underground water supplies which feed the many springs and water tables  thus helping vines to grow comfortably even during periods of drought. Hence the incredible freshness of Montpeyroux wines. The AOC Languedoc-Montpeyroux situated 40 kilometres to the north-west of Montpellier, nestles in the foothills of the Larzac and the magnificent Séranne, it is overlooked by the splendid Mont Baudille. The vineyards grow at altitudes of between 120 and 350 metres.

AOC Languedoc-Montpeyroux unique characteristics spring primarily from the complex clay and limestone soils. Dating to Jurassic and Quaternary periods, they bear witness to a turbulent and varied geological history. The soils’ ability to drain well acts as a natural regulator. The terroir consists of various different types of soil :

  • Hillsides sprinkled with lava stones
  • The Riss terraces with small filtering pebbles
  • Ice age scree forming ‘arid’ stony soils
  • Hard blue marl
  • Terra rossa or red clay
  • Sand